Tourment, Campania, Grape triptych
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Tourment red wine is born from a madness of a land rich in grapes and secrets.

In fact, it is the result of the union of grapes typical of our territory that did not allow to adopt any traditional solution; aglianico, piedirosso and a local grape from the Vesuvius National Park.

It was necessary to reinvent oneself and give life to a unique product of its kind, full-bodied and with a strong flavor.

The nose is intense and complex, fruity, floral and spicy with a herbaceous note of side.

The taste is warm, soft, with a good structure and persistence with hints of black cherry, pomegranate, green pepper and with a slightly sweet note.

Rosso Tourment goes perfectly with meat dishes but also with cheeky and out of the ordinary culinary solutions.

The strong and at the same time intoxicating notes allow you to fully enjoy the bite and a fruity aftertaste rich in spices and unforgettable flavors.

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Product Code: Tourment
Availability: 4999
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