Inserting the guide MissioN18!
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Inserting the guide MissioN18!

Posted By: Carlo Times Read: 105 Comments: 0 26 Oct

Oggi, 30 agosto 2021, MissioN18 ha avuto un'altra grandissima soddisfazione: l'inserimento nella guida del Presidente Marcello Leder!

Siamo nati dal nulla ed, armati solo di passione e perseveranza, stiamo raggiungendo traguardi importanti!!!

Today, 30 August 2021, MissioN18 had another great satisfaction: the inclusion in the guide of President Marcello Leder! We were born from nothing and, armed only with passion and perseverance, we are reaching important goals !!!

Our wines are often "far" from the criticism of the sector because they are angular and endowed with a strong character that differs from the concept of uniformity of taste that is now typical of the market ...

We struggle to emerge in a highly uniform reality in which the principle of product quality has been abandoned in favor of chemistry!

But our mission was something else ...

to enhance the territory and respect tradition! Such an ambitious goal, however, entailed enormous sacrifices and a stubbornness that few would have had ...

We are honored to be part of the guide which awarded 4 out of 4 wines presented with the "red goblets"!

Recognition even more welcome as it is intended for very few Campania producers !!!

Amour 4 red goblets! Abyss 3 red goblets! Or 3 red goblets! Tourment 4 red glasses!


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