It's Time for MissioN18!!!
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It's Time for MissioN18!!!

Posted By: Carlo Times Read: 54 Comments: 0 28 Oct

Our structure was born as a bet between friends who have decided to give life to a project that combines the tradition of a land, with a strong history and identity, to the need we feel today to return to our origins.


In a difficult and inflated reality, in a saturated market and in a world where technology has taken over, we asked ourselves what goals we wanted to set ourselves and how to achieve them ...


Traditional production solutions were now abandoned. The uniformity of the concept of taste and commercial proposals had assumed excessively standardized features.


Our structure has made different and completely unique choices !!!!


Go back to the origins! Over time, we have selected the best production procedures to restore value to the specifications of the individual products. Purity in the selection of grapes, elimination of any polluting element, use of traditional winemaking systems ...


All this in order to create unique products inspired by the purity of taste and the absolute quality of the products.


Thus a challenge is born ...


To propose in Italy and in the world a totally "MADE IN ITALY" product that can stand out from the ordinary market offer for quality and style !!!


We have created 9 lines of wine, of the highest quality, intended for the palate of connoisseurs and lovers of taste !!!

Drink well ... Drink MissioN18 !!!

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